This is Obama's State of The Union address that aired last night 01.25.2011.

When Bitches Talk Shit...

So this hating ass girl is all in your face talking shit and your first reaction is...

But the bullshit continues so you decide to put that ho in her place like...

After you've successfully bitched slapped her, you leave the scene of the crime feeling overly confident. You boldly walk through the crowd like who you finna try...



Shake. Shake.

We all have those certain songs that make you wanna get up and dance. Now, I'm not talking bout "swagging" or your typical "two step"...I'm talking about legit ass shaking. Since we're all officially on the same page. Here's a list of songs that will make any girl make something shake. ;)

1. Back That ass Up-Juvenile
2. Make it Rain-Travis Porter
3. Sexy Girl Anthem-Roscoe Dash
4. Shake That Monkey-Too Short
5. Salt Shaker-Ying Yang Twins
6. Culo-Pitbull
7.Onion Booty-Coco Kiss
8.Bring it Back-Travis Porter
9.Scrub The Ground-???????

Uh Oh!

So I'm minding my business on Twitter, when I see that Kanye West popped it off on Britney Spears. I WAS SHOCKED! Like I'm definitely a Ye fan, BUT Britney Spears is my muthafuckin' bitch! She's a legend and just personally this is one time I was not on Kanye's said. I've been listening to H.A.M. for a few days and yes it is a great song; however, "Hold It Against Me" is Britney's comeback single and the success is well deserved. 
But this minor Twitter beef got me thinking, part of being respected in the music industry is "good sportsmanship." It's about accepting when another artist receives awards and recognition, and working on improving your craft so you'll have that number one spot. Needless to say, my man Kanye is lacking in that department. When will you learn Kanye?


You DON'T NEED A Boyfriend To Feel Good!

FINALLY! Someone else said it and I think people are finally getting it. Relationships are cute and all, but when you depend on someone else to make you happy and boost your self-esteem you've got BIGGER issues. You shouldn't need to be with someone to feel pretty, confident, or wanted. Having a GF/BF(boo, main, sidechick, etc.) is nice don't get me wrong for those moments when you don't feel like being alone or just for consistent companionship, or *cough* love *cough*. But you don't need that person to boost your ego because when you think about that's really NOT what any relationship is about. Not I'm gonna let Luan tell it. 

remember this?

This video is from 1997. I'm convinced that I was just too damn grown 'cause this used to be my soooooong!
...I was five at the time.

Saturday Night Live: Jim Carrey

This Year is All About...


Get used to seeing an influx of patterns in 2011. The trends this season feature prints and lots of them. Don't worry more subtle earth tones are prominent as well. So if you're scared of bright colors, you won't drown in any obnoxious colors. But I will advise you to embrace your love the cheetah print and if you're not a fan, I'd advise you to learn to love it. 

Currently Jammin Like...


This video needs no explanation. It's Jay-Z DAMN.

We Love You Kimmy But...

At this point we're all over the Nicki-Lil'Kim "beef." Unfortunately, Kim is far from over it. I'm a Kim fan and any female rapper should appreciate her for opening the door for solo female talent in the 90s. However, artists should know they won't be on top forever and that new artists are coming for their spots every day. Here's what I say, stop bashing each other and let the fans decide who's really the Queen(Diddy and I both say Kim). Anyway though, they both have their own fans and for now Nicki Minaj is the new girl, so let her have her moment Kimmy. 

Fit of the Day.


Things We Need from 2011.

1. Happiness
2. Money
3. A Bomb Ass Spring Break
4. A Quality GPA
5. An EPIC Summer Vacation
6. Good Ass Music
7. The Death of the Lacefront Wig
8. Less 3-D Movies
9. More Happy Hours at Starbucks
10. Less Talk. More Head

Date Night

Date Night

This is an outfit I put together that's perfect for a date with that someone special. ;)

Also if you remove the jacket its perfect for a night out on the town.

Its Our Anniversary!

One year ago today, we started this blog Grit&Glam. Over the past year our idea for the blog has grown to be something that we can all be proud. Thank You to all of our followers for supporting us.

We Love it. :)

Classy, right? We Know.

A girl should always be Classy.
Ideally, if a girl could wear YSL pumps everyday...she would. This outfit is a perfect way to fit these lovely red heels with any look.
A girl should always be Classy. by maia_aoki featuring yves saint laurent shoes

Everyday You Should look This Good.

Sometimes we let ourselves go. Lets put an end to that. Put your best foot forward everyday. These are all trends that you'll see in 2011 that are lasting. NO FADS HERE.

Tonight by maia_aoki featuring oversized tops


"Famous" off Curren$y's newest album Pilot Talk II. Can we get a video for this please?
Thanks, Curren$y.


Chanel Dreams

Laced With Luxury

Laced With Luxury
Laced With Luxury by maia_aoki featuring racer back tank tops

This set was created by Maia Aoki also known as