A Good Laugh :)

With the stress of us starting school and trying to maintain the blog, everyone needs a good laugh... I found this video hilarious! Take a minute to relax and enjoy it...

Internet Fights Are A Waste Of Time!

For old times sake...

I thought I'd hit you guys with another Luan video.

I must admit, I've negelcted our favorite Gay Asian, but no more!

I vow to stay updated on his rampages and rants from this moment forward.

And for the record, I totally agree with what he's preaching in this video.

Fuck keyboard courage!

"Oh she Twitter Thuggin'? Fight Me Bitch!!!" (David B.)

I'd Hit That.

I saw this video today and it got me thinking...when is it ok to criticize someone's appearance? Now we've all talked shit about someone before whether it was your friend or some random bitch on the street. Example: "What the hell is this bitch wearing?", "Did he think it was ok to wear those jean shorts?", "She is NOT cute!", or "Daaaamn, he stinks!" You following me so far? Ok, good. Here's the thing, in my opinion, its ok to talk about someone's clothes/outfit choice because they should've known not to wear that in the first place. However, when do you draw the line with making fun of someone's appearance? I think its when you start getting into the things that they can't change. Like calling someone fat. And I don't mean when your size two friend over indulges on the snacks. I mean when you see someone that's 200+ lbs. Sure you're thinking they can change their weight, but it damn sure won't be overnight. People say that the ones that talk the most shit, are the ones that are actually the most insecure. Do I believe that? NO! I think the ones that talk the most shit, are the ones that feel they have room to talk about others. In my most cases, this is true, but sometimes the wrong ones start to criticize and those are the ones that need to be knocked down a notch or two on the confidence meter. So my advice is to be mindful of how you judge the way someone else looks. Be sure that they want to here your advice before you throw it their way. If not just shut the fuck up, keep it to yourself, or tweet about it. (that is if its a random person because if its someone that you have a mutual following with, subliminals are grounds to get that ass whooped).

Peace and Love,

"I'd hit that...with my car."

Make The Boys Cry...

It doesn't matter where are you or what you're doing, but as soon as you hear this song YOU WILL DANCE. Don't fight it unless you're a boy cause thats just weird. What song you ask? Does Onion Booty ring a bell? It should. Pint size Coco Kiss is the artist behind this southern dance craze. When the beat drops its like you're possessed and your ass just starts moving in circles. Shut up and go with the flow, trust me you won't be the only one "onion booty-ing"

"Yea I'm weaved up its 22 inches(hanging), watch me hit the club with 22 bitches..."

This has been your daily dose of ratchet.

College: Sex, Drugs, and Fashion.

Hey Guys, it's Aoki! I'm blogging from my dorm room because we finally got steady wi-fi in this bitch. Can I get a fist pump PUH-LEASE?! Any way back to business. I've only been a college student for a week and when I've seen some things...believe me!

Sex ;-)

Let's talk about it. Ok for starters in a little less then a week some people have already been caught up in drunken, meaningless sex, while others are steadily getting it in. But for real guys this is college and who am i to yo thang honey! But to be honest having sex in college is expected, but don't be "that ho" with the reputation. Although its not high school, I still feel that when there's 30,000+ students on campus PEOPLE SHOULD NOT KNOW YOUR BUSINESS. So wrap it up, be safe, keep it classy.


Can I be real for a minute? I go to a predominantly white university so kids here are not just smoking weed. Now weed I can support; however I've met kids that pop pills and ones that can't go a day without for real. But once again, I am no place to judge. For I have pretty much sipped the some of the "Devil's Nectar" just about everyday...i confess. Here are my thoughts. Weed=cool, X=MUTHAFUCKA NO!, alcohol=don't get wasted every night, no bueno.


OOOOOOOH WEEEEEE! Ok you guys the first day of classes my ass got up early did my hair, put on a cute little dress, brought out the handbag..and then i stepped outside. I saw bitches in biker shorts, basketball shorts, AND pajamas. So I thought to myself comfort is one thing, but come on. You're still going somewhere lets look presentable. And then I came across a group of girls that looked super adorable in their skirts and sandals and shit. Then there was this cool ass bitch with short hair and sunglasses...AWESOME! The cute to comfortable ratio is 150:30,000(unfortunately).

Definitely invest in a college hoodie, showing school spirit is EVERYTHING!

Chucks. They'll go with just about anything and they're good for walking to class.

Dress down, but look presentable.

Forever 21 will be your best friend. Its access to cool trends for the broke and bougie.

Note To Self: You don't have to dress like you're on a runway everyday. In high school, people were focused on what you had on, but in college EVERYBODY is just trying to stay a float. So their concern isn't what you're wearing. But don't hesitate to advertise your style every now and then.

...Sincerely Aoki.

"Thank God for granting me this moment of clarity, this moment of honesty...the world can feel my truth." So it just hit me that I'm leaving for college tomorrow (UGA)...Bulldawgs bitches! Anyway I'm in my room packing, trying to decide what clothes and shoes I'm taking...tragic :-(. But there's certain things that I'll have to give up and I'm not even talking about material things. Over the past eight years I've had the same friends and I love them to death. I've never been attached to any group of people for this long and for me they're like family. So when you guys read this...I want each of you to know that I LOVE YOU! Its crazy how when we entered high school, it got old really fast and we were so ready to graduate. And now that high school is a thing of the past and we're embarking on a new chapter of life, I'm not gonna lie *quietly* I'm scared. But I know that I have you guys to come back to regardless of the new bitches that I become friends with...THEY'LL NEVER BE MEAN GIRLS! This is the biggest sap moment that I've had in a long time, hopefully this doesn't interfere with my rep as G. Nah, fuck that it definitely DOESN'T! Just know that even though I'm not as close, I'll always be there for you if you need me...ok? I cherish every memory moment that I've spented with you bitches cause in one way or another it taught me something. You've made a HUGE impact on my life and I want you to know that...for real! Its never a goodbye, its always a see-you-later because I know that y'all will be in my life forever.

Love. Aoki

No flex, I cried when I wrote this.


If you liked "Swagger Wagon", you'll love this song!

This shit is hilarious! It takes away from the fact that its a real story of a rape victim. O_o

Things We Love!

This Week:
Bad Girls Club: Miami

So I don't know about you, but when I heard that there was going to be a "summer season" of the Bad Girls Club, I was STOKED! So anyway the anticipation was heavy and Oxygen didn't disappoint with countless marathons of the past four seasons. So FINALLY, its August 3rd and the show finally premieres. *fist pump* and these girls were bad ass. You've got your stripper, your spoiled brat, the bisexual "punk" chick, the golddigger, the bully, the hot one, and the plain jane. My faves so far are Catya and Morgan. The other five just didn't appeal to me in the first episode maybe that will change.


Stay Tuned
Tuesdays 9 pm
Oxygen :)

Looking for a laugh?

I'm always down for a good youtube laugh and about a week ago i came across this guy named "hotdamnirock" via youtube. He is fucking HI-LARI-OUS. So serious! Watch this.

and if you liked this..there are more! Youtube em. Promise you won't regret it.

Laces..over Heels?

Everybody loves a badd bitch in..SNEAKERS. *shocked faces* I know right, but its true. There is something oh so sexy about a pretty girl in a pair of hard ass sneakers. Don't believe me? WEll this is Teyanna Taylor..aka Sneakerhead..bka A BADD Bitch!

And Teyana isn't the only one whos caught on to this logic. Check
 out these othere celebs.

*Disclaimer- Reebok are LAME. Leave this to Amber Rose.

Back To School Must Haves

Its that time again kiddies! Haha. School for college students and our oh so young highschoolers is right around the corner and if you haven't purchased any back to school are, dare i say it..losing. Get off your lazy bum and head to the stores...NOW! Don't know what to get..don't fret. Thats why we're here...and they said we were meangirls.

For Highschoolers

The infamos jean jacket. Once again if you haven't purchased this item ladies..idk what to tell you. They are so freaking cool! They supply the perfect amount of edge for every outfit and can turn a totally dressy fit into something super lax. It's not too hot for summer wear and good for a cold classroom during the fall. BUT i will say..if your style does not require one of these...don't purchases it. This look isn't for everybody and there is nothing like a good trend gone wrong. Stick to what you like and don't fuck it up for everybody else with your poor fashion taste.

A flowy skirt. Do not overestimate the looks available with this one item. This is definitely seasonal wear. You can wear it in the summer with sandals, in the fall with boots and a sweater,and even winter with those same boots and nude stockings. They are very versatile. They also are appropiate for school. We all remember how the teachers would trip super hard about skirt lengths.. get them fingertip length..i mean like really. It'll make things alot easier for you. You want your garment to be seen by your peers..not used in overkill as your weekend gear.

Ugg boots, a cold weather classic. I was going to suggest jogging suits, but how many times can you wear the same jogging outfit to school..not very many. You can wear these as many times as you like *winter wear only* and they are expensive so who is going to tell you that you are not allowed to get your moneys worth from this purchase..nobody thats who. We all have a pair and they are so freaking comfortable. It's like walking on clouds..deadass. Perfect for those cold winter days that you simply didn't feel like getting dressed. A purchase worth the price.

For College Students

Rainboots are a must. If you are anything like me, when it rains..uhh class is not my first thought, at least not throughout highschool. This is a way to help get you out the dorm and into class without letting your grades suffer..or your other shoes. They don't have to be entirely expensive so don't try to go out and by the trendiest pair. These are strictly for class..lets not over-do it ladies.

Now YOU are allowed to wear the same jogging esemble a few times. You're in college..why are they sweating what you choose to wear to an 8am class. They are super comfy and victoria secret is known for their pink collection..even though alot of their stuff is getting really basic. You don't have to be comfy and ragedy though..pick out something cute. Match the bottoms with your jean jacket..or the top with a pair of leggings. Don't be afarid to mix and match.

The majority of the people in college are at least 18 years or older and if not you have your college ID to help you gain entrance into clubs. Partying is a big part of the college experience and you have to have your party gear! Cute fitted club dresses are a must. You can pick these up from anywhere. Forever 21 has many little ftted dresses..but i wouldn't do the most in this store. This is a bargain hunters dream store and the worst thing is being in the club and noticing someone esles with your exact same outfit on. 0_o

Every woman needs them a go to pair of black pumps. They are good for job interviews, class presentations, and you can wear them out on those club nights. I personally suggest you pay quality for these shoes since they are used for a different array of events. I don't understand how people can go to bakers and pay $90 for a pair of their shoes when they could pay the exact same price for Steve Madden's or Jessica Simpson's and get a way better quality and a popular brand. Remember you pay for what you get..even though you are paying for over priced quality. Lets be smart about these purchases. Have you ever been walking and your heel broke in the proces??..yea, don't be that girl.