Sometimes Life is Simply Black and White.

Sometimes we get caught up in appearances and color. Did you ever think that some the powerful things can be as simple as black and white? Most things seem complex, and we learn to adapt. But at times the simple things have the greatest impact.

Happy Thanksgiving Loves!

I hope everyone is enjoying their day thus far, even though I'm not. =/ Anyway, this is still a time to appreciate family and all the opportunities you've been given. Try not to dwell on the negative too much and bee thankful for what's right in front of you. I guess I should take my own advice.

The Return of Good Music: Adele

This is Adele's single "Rolling in the Deep" off her upcoming Album 21.
Enjoy. :)

Glam: The Wish List

Soooo the Holidays are right around the corner and as always I'm ahead of the game with my Christmas list. Its endless EVERY year, but I usually just end up with money. But for those of you that are stuck on what to ask Santa this time around, I've find some things that no girl should have to live without. :)

The Chanel Bag

Every girl needs nail polish...why not make it Chanel?

Oh I can't put him on my wish list? *melts*

All Moschino Everything.

YSL Pumps! Yes Please. :)

This should start you off. Remember to aim high. The more you ask for the more you'll get.

Laced with Luxury

This collection of lace is designed by BCBG Max Azria and its an accurate depiction of how lace should be executed. Take Notes and Play Close Attention.

Happy Birthday Milan!

Its our favorite Scorpio's birthday today and hands down my favorite mean girl! She's the BIG 1-9 and I know what you're thinking you can't do shit as a 19 year old that you couldn't do last and to that I say FUCK YOU. Just in case you've forgotten we're bad girls too, so we've already done most of the things that the normal person waits until they're 21 to do. So this next year may not be a milestone, but there will sure as hell be many memories and inside jokes that we'll look back on. So enjoy your day Milan. We Love You! *blows kiss* :)

Beautiful Lake Around the Globe Wallpapers

Mono Lake in California by Michael McAreavy

Owasco Lake in New York by Lida

Sheosar Lake in Pakistan by Rashid

Sunrise on Mono Lake in California by John Mueller

Canberra Lake Sunset in Australia by Sam Llic

Deer Lake Camp, Killingworth, CT by Slack12

Elfin Lakes in Canada by Vida J Morkunas

Ercina Lake in Asturias by Juan Lois

Fire Lake in Yellowstone, San Fransisco by Tray Ratcliff

Fourth on Lake Austin, Texas by Tray Ratcliff

Glacier National Park by Tray Ratcliff in Montana

Heart Lake – Rock Creek, California by Jono Hey

Ingalls Lake Washington by Steve Johnson

Iseo Lake in Italy by Andrea Costa

June Lake, California by James Neeley

Lake Austin from Above, Texas by Tray Ratcliff

Lake Falls in Matthiessen State Park in Illionois by Tom Gill

Lake in Beaulieu, Limousin by MorBCN

Lake in Queenstown, New Zealand by Andrew

Lake Kussharo in Hokkaido, Japan by Altus

Lake Of Gabiet in Italy by Pablo Montalto

Lake Tahoe, California by Jim Patterson

Molas Lake, Colorado by Terry Chang

Sunset at Menindee Lakes, Australia by Yury Prokopenko

The cloud that kissed the lake by Jerimias Quadil

The Fairy Lake in China by Shenxy

Two Glacial Lakes of the Southern Andes by Tray Ratcliff

Western Lake District in England by Barry

Yosemite National Park, California by Patrick Smith

Apple Wallpapers